Supervisor – Phillip Miller

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The Sanitation Department provides curbside pickup from containers no larger than 32 gallons, once a week for residents and five days per week for businesses.  All garbage and other household waste must be placed in sealed containers for pickup.  Place containers as near to roadway as possible. No single container/bag should exceed 40 pounds in weight.

Business collection begins at 6AM, Residential begins at 7AM.

Regular pickup includes: household garbage and trash, carpet, carpet padding, box springs, mattresses, upholstered furniture, bedding, sealed empty paint cans. Paper products with moisture barriers such as milk and ice cream cartons or frozen food packages and styrofoam.

Regular pickup does not include: Liquids, Pesticides, insecticides, hazardous materials, tires, shingles or any electronics.  **Please do not put anything in your toilet which can be discarded as garbage.  All such materials must be removed at the sewage treatment plant at additional expense to taxpayers.

Mondays and Fridays (weather permitting) are Special Pick-Up days for:
Bulk containers, appliances, sealed full paint cans, white goods, and furniture.
Debris/Yard waste/Trimmings/Brush – Items that may be put out for collection include grass clippings and leaves in bags.  Brush and limbs may be placed at curbside cut into lengths no longer than 8 feet.  Removal of spoil from large tree removal, clearing of lots or other large areas by the property owner, requires advance arrangements for pickup and a per load fee will be charged.  For any special pickup, amounts in excess of one truckload will incur additional charges. (Sanitation charges are on page 2)

Any electronics (TVs, computers, etc.)

Schedule a pick-up by contacting the Town Hall at 828.859.6655 or by sending in a request via email (please include Name/Address/Phone Number/Type of Request).

Please do not ask for special/other day pickups of these items.

The department will not remove: Batteries of any type or any material that is determined to be poisonous, highly flammable, radioactive, toxic or explosive. Information regarding disposal of these items may be obtained by calling the Polk County Landfill at 828.894.3737.  All debris created by the clearing of a lot for construction purposes or debris removal by a contractor must be removed by the owner/contractor.

The Town of Tryon provides curbside recycling every Wednesday to all residents.

The Town will accept: Aluminum, all colors of glass, Paper(newspapers/junkmail/books/telephone books/household containers), Metal cans (food/beverage/household containers), cardboard, Plastics (#1 & 2 only-bottles with a neck).  Please bundle newspapers, magazines, phone books, catalogs. Please flatten any cardboard containers.  No single bundle is to exceed 40 pounds in weight.

The Town will not accept: Plastic bags, metal (other than cans), styrofoam (goes in regular garbage), PVC, oil or oil containers, 5 gallon buckets, plastic toys. No paper products with moisture barriers such as milk or ice cream cartons (goes in regular garbage).

Residents are asked to separate the different recyclables prior to pickup, paper in one bin, metals/plastics in the other bin.

Tryon now also offers recycling drop off site on Maple Street at the Public Works Department. Residents and others can drop off cardboard, paper and #1 & #2 plastic bottles at that location. Hours are: 6am-2pm, Monday-Friday.