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Chief of Department
Joshua R. Walton

Assistant Chief
Daniel Walker

Patrick Corn  –  Josh Connell

Glenn Vincent

Paid Staff
Josh Connell
Jackson Tipton
Kemper Henderson
Kole McKeown
Nathan Eaves

Safety Officer
Brad Gordon

Chris Ross
Marshal Lipscomb
Carlos Sanchez
Jessica Phillips
Matthew Johnson
Will Justice
Jeremy Gregg
Kole McKeown
Chamelle Lipscomb
Ben Page
Zach Ollis
Tom Oruska
J.J. Suave
Michael Purdy
Virginia Purdy
Josh Kujawa
Scottie Gosnell – Lifetime Member
Gary Walker – Lifetime Member
Bob Scoggins – Lifetime Member
Maggie Walton – Junior Firefighter
Colton Thompson – Junior Firefighter
Sara Walton – Junior Firefighter
Dalton Putnam – Part Time
Terry Martin – Part Time
Adam Justice – Part Time
Calem Upton – Part Time