Firefighter Position

The Town of Tryon invites you to apply to begin your career as a firefighter. A
firefighter serves as a member of a crew responding to fire calls, disaster calls,
and emergency medical calls, and studying and training in the methods and
techniques for firefighting, hazardous materials handling, and emergency
medical care.

A firefighter performs responsible, technical work in protecting
Town residents from fire and environmental emergencies or disasters, rendering
emergency treatment to the sick and injured, and responding to emergency
rescue situations involving bodily injury or potential loss of life. Work includes
training in control and extinguishment of fires and/or mitigating other disasters,
applying necessary emergency medical care to sick or injured persons, and
participating in the maintenance of station equipment and quarters.

Work is frequently performed under hazardous conditions, requiring rapid response and strenuous physical exertion. Tact, professionalism and courtesy are required in dealing with sick or injured persons and with the general public. Work is performed in accordance with established emergency procedures and techniques and often requires independent judgment. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Fire Chief and is evaluated by the employee’s ability to respond effectively to emergency situations.

Applications will he reviewed as they are received.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
– Responds to fire calls as a firefighter; performs necessary work related to fire suppression.
– Responds to calls for environmental and other disasters involving hazardous materials such as gas leaks, fuel spills and chemical emergencies; takes proper steps to mitigate hazardous situations.
– Responds to emergency calls as an emergency medical technician, performs  necessary rescue work; administers necessary emergency medical care,
– Responds to non-emergency calls, such as requests to assist other emergency medical care providers in moving patients into transportation vehicles and assisting disabled persons in their homes when other assistance is inadequate.

– Participates in a continuous training program to improve competence in all areas related to firefighting functions and meet Federal, State and Local standards.
– Assists in inspection and maintenance of assigned apparatus and equipment and performs station maintenance.
– Actively participates in public fire and life safety education activities, hydrant maintenance, professional development reviews, and any other assigned duties.
– Utilizes specialized hand and power tools in rescuing victims of fire, disaster and other emergencies.
– Performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation or defibrillation as necessary.
– Maintains appropriate level of physical fitness for duty.
– Participates in as a member of a company in pre-fire planning.
– Utilizes computerized data entry equipment and various word processing, spreadsheet, file maintenance and/or database programs to enter, store and/or retrieve information

– May assist with traffic control duties as required.
– May be required to respond on an off-duty basis in event of major fire, rescue, hazardous-materials or other emergency.
– Perform related work as required.

Minimum Requirements
– High School Diploma/GED
– Valid Driver’s License
– 18 years of age
– NC Firefighter

Preferred Qualifications
– NC Technical Rescuer
– Wildland S-130/190 L-180
– NC Driver/Operator
– Class B License
– 3-5 years of Fire Service Experience

Compensation and Benefits
– $42 to 45,000 Annually Depending on Qualifications
– Medical/Dental lnsurance
– 401K
– Local Government Retirement
– Accrued Vacation Days

Applications will be open from October 4th, 2023 until October 18th, 2023 at 5 p.m.  You can pick up applications in person at Tryon Fire Department, 56 W Howard St, Tryon NC or the Tryon Town Hall, 301 N Trade St, Monday through Friday from 8-5 pm or download an application from our website here.  You can return applications by mail, email or in person.

Town of Tryon Fire Department, 301 N. Trade Street, Tryon, NC  28782