2022 Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

The Town of Tryon will begin Monday, November 28th, leaf vacuuming street by street, beginning on New Market. For this reason, all leaves must be at curbside by Sunday, November 27th.

To assist in this effort, make sure all leaf piles are unbagged and free of brush and foreign debris and placed at curbside. Do not pile the leaves in the street gutters where they will become wet and impossible to vacuum. The time required to complete this task may be affected by the weather, as wet leaves cannot be effectively vacuumed, so please be patient. The order in which individual streets will be cleared may also vary with the local conditions of the leaves and other factors. Once your street has been vacuumed, any further leaf debris must be bagged for pick-up.

During this time, we request that pick-up of items other than regular garbage be held until December 19th. This will allow crews time to collect these items before Christmas. To allow for efficient pick-up, please call 859-6655 to submit a work order for special item pick-up.

Leaf vacuuming will resume December 27th and continue until all areas have been covered. Bagged leaves will be picked up as soon as possible after we have covered all areas with the leaf vacuum.